Channel-Sec LIVE is the online version of the successful channel engagement event which covers the way security is sold by the channel. In 2020, there is a new emphasis on countering cyber-attacks, with many new customers and vertical markets coming under pressure for the first time.

Channels, service providers, ISVs and integrators are being asked to secure many new customers in many new ways; they are looking for answers on technologies, threats, sales techniques, compliance and security-based platforms. This event aims to provide answers, using experiences from those in the channel and at the front end of the issues and to cover the very latest crisis-driven issues and industry responses.

Experts who will be presenting include industry analysts, security experts, standards bodies and researchers, moderated by the direct experiences of those in the field and IT Europa’s own experts and journalists.

The value of the event will be in the knowledge transferred, the updating of understanding and in giving channel strategists a clear view of the market, sales potential, future directions and best practices.

Topics Include:

  • Security Trends
  • Cyber Security
  • Security as a Service
  • Data Security
  • Application and Endpoint Security
  • Security Education and Training